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Catch-net handball Polypropylene 5 mm- ballast cord

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Knotless polypropylene ball-stop curtain for 3×2 m handball nets. Mesh 10×10 cm, thickness approx. 5 mm. Dimensions: 3,5×2,2 m.

Ball-stop curtains for handball/futsal goal are designed to absorb the energy of a ball and to prevent it from returning back on a pitch. As per IHF (International Handball Federation) requirements, it is recommended to attach it 60-70 cm behind the goal line (“The distance from the goal line to this additional net should be approximately 70cm, but minimum 60cm”

The catch net has a ballast cord made of lead, with a weight of approx. 400 g per 1 meter, sewn in the bottom edge of it.

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