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Javelin Diana NXS 600g ATC

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All-round javelin that is suitable for all conditions. The NXS – Next Generation Sharp tip is made for maximum lift in all wind conditions. The NXS tip is a universal tip and more forgiving in side/ cross wind conditions than any other tip on the market.

Advance Tip Control
What is Advance Tip Control, it is our way to optimise moment of inertia of the javelin. The new ATC technology makes the javelin correct it self directly to the path you have thrown it in and the javelin will have less tendency to change direction while in flight. It stays on the path you have thrown it. The other biggest benefit is, that you will feel what direction and path the javelin will go already in the run-up.

Requires good capacity both technically and physically with the thrower.
World Athletics Certificate no I-99-0015

World Athletics Certied Product

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