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Lap Counter Electronic

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Electronic lap counter for athletic events and other indicator use, whose purpose is to report the number of laps. It can work in both ascending and descending mode. It has two graphic surfaces of 32x32cm. Control is done directly from the scoreboard without the need for external devices. For this, it has three buttons embedded directly in the lower part of the case. A press on the green color increases the lap number, while a press on red decreases it. For its part, the third button is used to reset the indicator.

The main body consists of a triangular prism-shaped case made of polyethylene (PE), and two 48x48 px (pitch 6 mm) LED plates placed on two of its three faces, forming an angle of 120o to make easy its correct viewing from anywhere. The third face has a closed finish, it incorporates a metal sheet inside (removable from the bottom) on which the control plates are located.

The main body is formed by rotational molding in PE C6 with a density of 0.935g/ cm3, finished in a textured outer surface. This material has protection against ultraviolet UV rays and is unalterable to atmospheric agents.

The marker scoreboard connected to the electrical network, and its maximum consumption is 300 W.

A height-adjustable tripod is included to be able to locate the indicator in the position that the user needs. In addition, the set is supplied in a “flight case” type box with wheels, to make the storage and transport easy.

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