Impact XP Paint Canister
(Inc VAT £97.20 )

Product number: 1011157

Eco-friendly line painting to football fields and sports venues
Impact XP Line Color allows you to line all paths on grass without having to think about special mixes, stirring, pH values, etc.
The color is titanium dioxide based, and thus 100 percent biodegradable and unusually durable. The color has a composition that allows it to be redistributed to an unprecedented extent. It is possible to line a 11-lane course grade with only 1 liter of line painting. For sports facilities quality, 1.5-2 l line painting is used, and for Allsvenskan / showcourse quality 3 l. On average you can count on making 36 lines per year.

Dosage, first line ring:
2 l to soccer field, 2-3 l to sports facility, 3-4 l to Allsvenskan / Showcourse

Dosage, repainting:
1 l to soccer field, 1.5-2 l to sports facility, 3 l to Allsvenskan / Showcourse