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Lynx Championship

SKU 1153013
Primary camera - fully upgradeable 1000 frames/second, timing enabled, color EtherLynx 2000.
• Nikon normal AF Nikko 50 mm f/1.8 lens, with f-mount through-the-lens alignment viewer with remote iris control.
• Reverse angle camera- fully upgradeable 1000 frames/second monochrome EtherLynx 2000 with c-mount motorized remote control zoom lens.
• Complete professional tripod and mounting hardware with precision adjustment for both cameras.
• All-inclusive camera and start cable sets.
• Built-in interface to scoreboards and wind gauge.
• FinishLynx 32 - Multi language Photo Finish software.
• LynxPad - Multi language event management software.
• Remote control camera positioning platform.
• IAAF compliant wireless start detection system.
• IAAF compliant Ultrasonic wind gauge.
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