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Lynx Grand Prix Elite

SKU 1153016

The Grand Prix Elite package is the most powerful athletics timing solution offered today. It includes all the cameras, software, displays, and wireless networking you need to produce world-class photo-finishes at international events. The system includes everything from the Grand Prix package plus a number of accessories suitable for major World Athletics meets.

The Vision PRO camera serves as the primary timing device and provides all the power and features needed to produce fast and accurate World Athletics-certified results. The Vision PRO offers 6,000 fps captures, 2,048 pixels of vertical resolution, and powerful upgrades like LuxBoost, Wi-Fi-enabled transfers, Electronic Filter Control, an Internal Battery Pack, On-Board Camera Level, Remote Positioner, Motorized Zoom Lens, and the Video Display Module to send live race results to an HDMI-connected video display. The Vision Camera is the secondary capture device and connects to a separate wireless start system to provide fully independent captures at 2,000 fps.

The Vision camera comes fully loaded with features like EasyAlign, LuxBoost, Internal Battery & Level, and the Video Display Module.

*Computers, starting pistol, video scoreboard and television production vehicle not included in package.

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