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Windgauge Ultrasonic SA

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This wind gauge package includes the WG-Lynx wind gauge plus the WG-SA-CTRL controller unit, which allows the unit to operate independently for field events. This standalone ultrasonic wind gauge package uses IAAF-approved ultrasonic technology to provide accurate wind speed and direction data. While the standard WG-Lynx wind gauge only operates when connected to a Finishlynx computer, the WG-Lynx-SA includes a handheld controller unit with LED display. This added controller allows timers to use the wind gauge without FinishLynx to capture, record, and read wind speeds for field events.
The wind gauge is housed in a weather-proof, corrosion-free polycarbonate casing. It is small, lightweight, and operates in harsh weather conditions. It also has no moving parts, ensuring maintenance-free operation. The anemometer package comes equipped with a controller, tripod, carrying case, and 60 meter serial connection cable for great mobility and easy setup

Key features include:
• IAAF-Compliant Technology*
• WG-Lynx weather-proof wind gauge
• Wind controller with buttons and LED display
• 0-60m/s (116 knots) Wind Speed
• Maintenance-free and Corrosion-free Design
• Includes Wind Gauge, Controller, Tripod, Carrying Case, and Connection Cable

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