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Javelin Valkyrie 500g

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The Valkyrie are ‘Medium Hybrid’ Javelins, made of mixed material and are specifically made for less technical, but powerful throwers, who are in need of a more forgiving Javelin option than Valhalla Javelins. Valkyrie Javelins are therefore more forgiving than the Valhalla and Carbon Javelins like Airglider, Orbit and Champion. Therefore allow the thrower to make minor technical errors. The Javelin will self correct immediately after the release for imperfect throws.

We have also designed new tips for our Valhalla and Valkyrie Javelin range. The NXS – Next Generation Sharp tip is made for maximum lift in all wind conditions.  The NXS tip is a universal tip and more forgiving in side/ cross wind conditions than any other tip on the market. All Valkyrie comes with NXS tip.

World Athletics certificate no I-20-0996

World Athletics Certied Product

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